Business people think and transact globally. Zend offers new banking services that are in-step with you.

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A complete business platform

Zend offers out of the box solution for your business needs.

A transparent and free to use business tools that empower you and strengthen your global reach. Receive payment globally via wire, credit letters, or Crypto in clicks.


Banking with business tools

Client Resource Management (CRM)

Zend is more than just payments and money transfers for business users. It comes bundled with business tools to elevate your business performance to a higher plane of existence.

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Promote your business to Zend community - Free


Promote your special offers to Zend users in your locality within seconds free of charge.

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Multiply your business efficiency


Learn more about your business with our AI enabled platform that keeps you informed about your inventory levels and customer choices.

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Receive payment internationally


Open your Zend account and do business in 30 currencies. It’s fast, convenient and easy to send and spend funds with a Zend Business Cards.

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Crypto Assets

Doing business with cryptocurrencies?

Try our crypto assets account.

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Zend team cards:


Take control of your team’s spending. The Zend team card allows you to allocate funds, set spending limits and even authorise an overdraft, all from within your Zend app...

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International business with peace of mind


The Zend business card is ready to support your growing business. Send and receive payment in 30 currencies today.

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Zend for Freelancers

Zend is a great platform for freelancers and their clients. Open an escrow account with your client for a long-term project or raise a timesheet and invoice your client right from your Zend app. Receive payment in your Zend multi-currency account.

Earn up to 10% on your savings

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