Debit cards

Having a digital account leave you nimble and agile; it lets you move money around with ease and, with the Zend account, you can even work your crypto. But old habits die hard and, every now and then, we all need to reach for our debit card.

Using a debit card in the UK remains at the heart of our everyday payments – even if some people have moved entirely to paying with eWallets or P2P transfers. It will always pay to have access to a little bit of cash and having a debit card will be around for a long time to come.

Zing Your Zend

It makes perfect sense, however, for Zend – the progressive fintech brand – to offer a debit card as part of our offer, but it’s got to be a debit card like no other. That’s why the Zend debit cards is a metal card. When you’ve got to reach for your card, springing a metal debit card from your wallet brings with it all the kudos you need to stay on point.

The Zend metal card is crafted from stainless steel, able to withstand what your mobile phone cannot and comes complete with contactless payment built in. Our Zend card allows you to pay as you would with a debit card, for online transactions in the UK and in-store. You’ll also be able to withdraw cash at any time from an ATM in any country when and if you need to.

Don’t forget – you’ll always also have your eWallet virtual debit card that you can use in the UK; our metal debit card is a little added extra.

Pre Paid Debit Card Ultimate Functionality

There’s a lot to be said for good financial management and setting healthy financial boundaries can keep you on track to pay your way and building up your savings. Zend offers a prepaid UK debit card, free to use, so that you can load your card with what you want to spend before you head out. A prepaid debit card that can be used in the UK is also a great way of helping your children while they are studying in the UK. Our Zend prepaid debit cards can also be used in the same way in Europe, the Us and Canada and topped up from over 8 other countries across the world.

A prepaid card is also widely used by those who do not have a bank account of their own. This may be because they are too young or because they are travelling or living in a country where they haven’t opened a bank account.

How does a Prepaid debit card work?

Many banks, like HSBC, and direct debit providers provide a UK debit card, but these are linked to a bank account in the same name. With a prepaid card, you can link it to your own account or to someone else’s account for them to top up. Imagine how helpful that is if your parents are thousands of miles away and you need a new textbook in a hurry.

A prepaid debit card is loaded with funds – much like a gift card – and you can spend however much is loaded on to your card. You can’t spend more than you have but you can top up the card from your account or request your funders to top the card up for you. Parents and guardians can also easily top our prepaid debit card from their end in an instant.

Zending Money to a Prepaid Card

It’s not all that long ago that sending money across the world meant physically going to a wire transfer office with cold hard cash and transferring it that way – and that’s been a lifeline for many. However, the extra hours that the transaction takes, global time differences and operational hours add unnecessary stress and grief at a time when people are under pressure to get money moving.

The Zend prepaid card can be topped up in seconds – via the internet – with money Zent in seconds.