Earn Now, Spend Later; How To Earn Money ?

Zend means that you can Zend and receive money instantly, but your Zend account could also be the best place for you to save money and earn interest.

That’s right – Zend will help you to make your money work harder for you.

Typically, savings and savings accounts have been tucked away in banks or have had special access arrangements which means that you have to know when a rainy day is coming long before it arrives.

So often, the answer to ‘how can I make money’ lies in working with whatever money you already have. With Zend, you can tuck any spare money or windfalls away so that you can make money on the interest that your savings accrue. It’s one of many ways to make money online, but it is one of the smartest and most simple ways to make more from what you already have.


Zend don’t just pay interest on the money that you want to tuck away – although we will do as a matter of course. Zend pay interest on the money that you have in your account. This means that if you’ve got a balance of some sort, Zend will be paying interest. All you have to do is access your account through the Zend app and click on ‘Earn’. You can choose how much you want to keep in your account and how long for. When you reach the end of this period and the amount is still intact, you can collect your earnings from Zend. This means that you can earn on your savings but also earn on your balance too.

But what if I need it

With Zend, that’s not a problem. Our digital account means that you can simply place your money in your Zend savings pot when you don’t need it and access it in a matter of seconds when you do need it.

A last-minute holiday, the perfect first car or one of those emergencies where you need instant access to your secret stash means that you need to be able to access your savings with the same ease and speed that you can reach your every day Zpending money.

What’s critically important to you is that all of your money is available to you when you really need it but ringfenced when you’re trying to save for the future. With Zend, it can work every way that you need it to.

Making Your Money Make Money

It’s how savings accounts work. All bank and financial accounts will pay you interest on the money that you hold with them. It’s true that every account will have a different interest rate attached to it. This means that you can decide on whether or not to go for a high rate of return or easy access. There’s always a catch with a high rate of interest – although it can work really well for those who have got money to put well out of reach and who know that they won’t want it or need it until the end of their savings term. For modern, flexible lifestyles, this approach works less well.

We’re living in interesting times and the need to remain agile can be important. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s shown us that we might need to tap into our savings to cover an unexpected flight home from one side of the world to the other. We now know that the world can stand still overnight and our savings might just become our income.
What the pandemic has made very clear is that staying financially nimble can be critical.

The past few years have also demonstrated the need for emergency planning and why it can be essential to have savings within easy reach to call on under pressure. What is has also shown us is that we’re more resilient that we might have thought and with the need for instant financial security, comes the thought that we might still be able to make more of what we have. That might be working out how to earn money online or to find ourselves a second income from a side hustle, but we’re working to make ourselves more secure than ever before.