It’s not always about finding the best eWallet in the UK for your money; it’s about actually finding an account that offers you an eWallet as part of what they do. At Zend, we believe it’s an integral part of what we offer, but we’re only one of a small number of fintech brands that offer our users the eWallet.

What is e money?

That’s a great question to ask. There’s what e money and an electronic wallet are in general and then there’s what it means to have the Zend eWallet.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet in the UK may also be called an electronic wallet and it runs on your mobile device. You may use one without really realising it or understand the breadth of applications that an eWallet has. Often, we don’t appreciate what a UK e Wallet can do until our smart phone pings us a notification to ask us if we want to use it. You may already use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, which are linked to your bank account and let you tap your phone – or watch - to pay.

E Wallets are used as a payment wallet which puts an end to fumbling around for your debit or credit card in your wallet. Securely storing your payment information and passwords, you can simply tap your phone on the card reader or use it to pay fares on systems, such as the London Underground.

To set up your e wallet, you must first enter and store your payment card details or bank account information and you’re ready to go.
You might also be able to add gift cards to your e wallet or load any membership or loyalty cards that you have. The same goes for coupons, vouchers and tickets – even plane tickets and hotel reservations. The NHS allowed you to add your Covid pass to your wallet too. Some cars will even let you store your car keys in your eWallet.

The Zend eWallet

So far, so good. It’s a system that reduces friction and makes life easier. But, at Zend, we think that an eWallet can work harder for you. That’s why we’re setting out to be not only the best ewallet in the UK, but also the best cryptocurrency wallet in the UK today.

With the Zend digital wallet, you can do everything that you might be able to do with the ewallet attached to your device – if you already have one. You can add your debit or credit card to your Zend app and pay directly. You can convert your account balance into emoney to complete contactless payments without having to dig your bank card out of your bag. It’s seamless and frictionless.

However, what sets Zend apart from the rest of the crowd lies in our cryptocurrency capabilities. With the Zend eWallet, you can store all of your digital financial asset – your cryptocurrency – and you can move your money over blockchain. Zend’s eWallet will also mean that you can convert your digital rewards into other cryptocurrencies and store them in your digital wallet.

The Zend eWallet pulls the world of real money and cryptocurrencies into one smart storage space so that you can make your money work as hard as it possible can for you – regardless of what format you have it.