International money transfer

International money transfer has changed dramatically in the digital age. Traditionally, if you wanted to send money abroad, it was a matter of finding a company that you could trust with an office nearby and opening hours that you could manage – and that’s after you possibly had to visit the bank to withdraw cash to send

For many people all over the world, this is still the reality. At Zend, we’re working hard to level the playing field and to put global money transfer back in to the hands of the people who need it most. Free from red tape and closing times, Zend makes it easy to Zend money back and forth across the world in seconds from your mobile device.

Faster than the banks

Many banks, offer international transfer to their customers, but they are slow and the fees chargeable by the banks can be considerable. Often, when you’re trying to send money internationally in a hurry, you may be happy to pay for the service but there is a better way of doing things.

Zending Money Internationally

At Zend, we understand why you want to transfer money. It’s because someone needs it. We appreciate that you might want to transfer money to India or send money online to Pakistan. Getting this right for our customers was a large part of the rationale at the heart of the creation of Zend.
We inherently understand that moneys need to flow freely around the world for the people who need it. We’ve transcended traditional banking systems because they are too slow and they’re too expensive.

We’ve ensured that the amount of money that you Zend is the amount that will arrive because our transfers are instant and are not privy to currency exchange rates that your transfer would have to endure in a banking system. We also believe that if you want to Zend money to India or Zend money to Pakistan, you should get the best rate possible. And that works whether you’re sending money to Pakistan from the UK or from Pakistan to the UK. Or from India to America, Mexico to Spain or if you want to send money to Bangladesh to the UK.

At Zend, we simply accept that you want to send money, you want to do it seamlessly and frictionlessly, that you want to get the best currency exchange rate for your transfer and that you don’t want to pay hefty fees for doing it.
Whether you’re Zending money in a hurry or it’s a monthly stipend that’s expected and anticipated, we’re here to help you in a way that works for you. We are driven by making sure that people come first and we have adopted the new rules of fintech to make that happen.

It can be hard to break free from the traditional banking system. For decades – centuries – they’ve led us to believe that money costs money. It can and it has, but it doesn’t have to. At Zend, we put people before profit. We’re here to help you send money to Pakistan or Zend funds to Canada in the blink of an eye for the best rate around.