Cleanse your mind of negativity, like slow & expensive money transfers

Zend is a new way to send, receive and spend money around the world. It’s convenient, safe – and FREE.

Zend uses new technology to eliminate costs to send, receive and spend money globally. Zend is perfect for every day, instant money transfers - and a financial lifeline in an emergency. Because money transfers instantly with Zend, there are no nasty surprises if currency exchange rates change as your funds spend days slowly moving through the banking system.

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Every time you use Zend card money goes to enviromental restoration projects, read about our

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  • Travel money
  • Overseas student financing
  • Lifestyle spending
  • Earning rewards
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Send, receive and spend money instantly and FREE worldwide*

Send money to a friend across the table or receive funds from anywhere in the world in a heartbeat.

Our basic Zend account gives you:

  • FREE register account
  • FREE transfers money worldwide from Zend to Zend accounts
  • FREE bill payments from your Zend account
  • FREE Receive funds from UK or international banks
  • FREE Spend in local currencies that accepts Master Cards
  • FREE Crypto Currency eWallet
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There is no difficult paperwork to drain your energy. You don’t even need a UK address.

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  • Ideal for travellers, students and their friends and families
  • UK address not required

Multiple currencies & benefits on one app

  • Hold multiple currencies and crypto assets
  • Buy currencies from other Zend members
  • Buy, sell and spend cryptocurrencies
  • Access to deals, discounts and rewards
  • Earn interest on saving
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Zend platform is carbon neutral by birth