Vision Statement:

The super-fast, community driven mobile payment platform
We passionately believe that easy access to your own money is a basic human need –sending money should be fast, safe and free, but also at zero cost to our planet.

Mission Statement:

If you can say it, you can Zend it. We passionately believe that easy access to your own money is a basic human need – just like communication. Like sending an IM, we think that sending money should be fast, safe and free. Don’t send it; Zend it.

Our Values:

Protect Planet Earth:

We are carbon neutral from the get-go and we’re committed to delivering fast, secure money Zending at zero cost to our planet. We’ll take it further too – in addition to our dedication to environment sustainability, our green schemes will make life better for many others all over the world, from tree planting to creating clean water resources.

Earn Trust:

We believe that trust shouldn’t be taken for granted; trust has to be earned. Being trusted and trustworthy is a fundamental cornerstone of the Zend brand. To this end, we will adopt all, every and any practice that makes Zend a trusted and reliable Fin-Tech brand.

Technical Evolution:

Without adapting to change in our fast-moving world, we cannot achieve our vision. That’s why we’ve developed Zend as a highly-scalable technical platform that will continuously evolve, delivering the latest, fastest and cheapest solution to our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion:

We believe in equal opportunity and have zero tolerance for discrimination. Zend provides an open and free environment for anyone to grow in their career without discrimination of gender, race or religion, Zend not only empower women but also provide them tools, education and remuneration above industry standard.


We design and build financial technical solutions that make a positive impact on the lives of others, from our users to millions of people around the globe who will benefit from our commitment to sustainability. The Zend community embraces like-minded people from all over the world and offers a real, workable, affordable solution.